High Density Polypropylene

PP Hollow Sheet(corrugated sheet/two-wall sheet) PP hollow sheet is a kind new material of Light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, pollution-free, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant and colorful. Application: PP hollow sheet is widely used in various industries, such as...

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Product Details

High Density Polypropylene Products

Instructions for Purchase:

Original products: virgin material

Size: width ≦1750mm

Color: customized

Shape: plate, sheet, circle, box, as your request

Service: reply within 24 hours

After-sale: We promise that it will not be oxidized at out door for a year.

Thermal property

Polypropylene has good heat resistance, which products can tolerate 100℃ for sterilization. Without external conditions, it is not deformed at 150℃. The melting temperature of PP increased 40% to 50% rather than polyethylene’s, around 160℃-170℃. 100% isotactic polypropylene’s melting point is 176℃.



We give our customers the choice to print their own sheets. If you choose this option, will give the sheets a corona treatment to make sure that the sheets are well prepared for printing.

UV Sheet

can be produced with a UV protectant. This will extend the life of the sheets and their print work when exposed to the sun.


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