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PP Hollow Sheet(corrugated sheet/two-wall sheet) PP hollow sheet is a kind new material of Light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, pollution-free, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant and colorful. Compared with the traditional paperboard products, PP hollow sheet has the...

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PP Hollow Sheet Introduction:

It is a kind new environmental material, which is used widely at home and abroad.

Compared with the paperboard, it has the advantages of moisture-proof, weather resistance, recyclable and others; 

compared with the injection, it has the advantages of earthquake resistance, flexible structure and saving-cost because there is unnecessary to open injection mould. 

In terms of static-free sheet, the surface resistivity can be controlled between 106Ω·m and 1011Ω·m; for electric sheet, the surface resistivity can be controlled between 103 Ω·m and 105Ω·m.




Static-free box; static-free sheet; static-free flashboard


turnover box; mail box; flashboard


protective board; protective box; recycled box


billboard; yard sign; show stand


ceiling board; floor board


Printing, other colors, thickness, size and density can be customized.

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