Digital Printing ABS Sheet

PP Hollow Sheet(corrugated sheet/two-wall sheet) PP hollow sheet is a kind new material of Light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, pollution-free, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant and colorful. Compared with the traditional paperboard products, PP hollow sheet has the...

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Product Details

Printed PP Hollow Sheet for Outdoor


  • Digital printing and screen printing can be provided.

  • All colours can be printed.

  • The thickness and density can be chosen.

  • New material and partial recycled material can be chosen.


Some applications for PP hollow sheet:

1. Replace corrugated cardboard, metal sheet, etc.

2. Turnover box, food container, beverage container, pesticide packing box, inner packaging of precision instruments, transport storage turnover box, etc.

3. Industrial panels, protective packaging of various articles, cushions, shelves, partitions, floor sheet, cross sheet, etc.

4. Packaging for electronic industry. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic components, avoiding contacting with other charged objects so that causing damage of the parts. 

5. Advertisement & Decoration: display sign, yard sign, billboard,ceiling board, etc.

6.Household use: temporary partitions, wall panels, ceiling panels, container's cover, etc.

7.Other: rear panel of household electrical appliance, packing and transporting pads, etc.

All of those products can be printed as your requirement.

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