Plastic Display Stand

PP Hollow Sheet(corrugated sheet/two-wall sheet) PP hollow sheet is a kind new material of Light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, pollution-free, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant and colorful. Compared with the traditional paperboard products, PP hollow sheet has the...

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Product Details

PP Plastic Display Stand

Salient Features

1Light Weight2Strong
7Reusable8High Insulation
9Printable10Easy Fabrication
11Impact Resistant12Puncture Resistant
13Tearing Resistant14Custom Made
15Live Hinge



As a kind of new environmental packing material, PP sheet is widely used in various trade, for example, electronics, machinery, postal, food, medicine, pesticide.

Polypropylene Sheets are made from Impact Co-polymer of Polypropylene. It is an extruded hollow profile consisting of two flat walls connected by vertical ribs.


PP hollow sheet’s appliance

1.advertisement board

2.Recycling box, including recycling box, turnover box, fruit and vegetable packing box, suitcases, stationery boxes, etc.

3.Industrial panels, including wire and cable overlay protection packaging, outer protection packaging, cushions, stacks, partitions, bottom plates, clamps of glass, steel plate, various articles etc.

4.The protective board. Cardboard and three splints to protect the construction materials is gone forever. With the improvement of appreciation, the decoration design should keep intact and complete before opening and proper protection to maintain the economy, safety and convenience, which include the protection of building elevator, floor before acceptance.

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