Hollow Profile Sheet Extrusion Line

PP Hollow Sheet(corrugated sheet/two-wall sheet) PP hollow sheet is a kind new material of Light weight (hollow structure), non-toxic, pollution-free, waterproof, shockproof, anti-aging, corrosion resistant and colorful. Compared with the traditional paperboard products, PP hollow sheet has the...

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About Hollow Sheet Extrusion Line:

PP hollow sheet is widely used in various fields, such as advertising background, stationery, industrial packaging and so on.

Generally, the most popular products of PP hollow sheet is turnover box, decorative sheet, protective board.

Our factory is located in Wuxi City, which is near to Shanghai City. Our factory can produce the goods as your requirements, including thickness, color, density and others.

Our factory's machines are imported from Germany and Itlay so that the quality can be guaranteed, making customers be at ease to place an order.


Excellent properties of polypropylene:

  1. The relative density is small, which is one of the lightest varieties of plastics.

  2. Good mechanical properties. Besides impact resistance, other mechanical properties are better than polyethylene; molding processing performance is also better than polyethylene.

  3. It has high heat resistance which can be used continuously at 110-120 ℃.

  4. Good chemical properties. don't absorb water and don't react with most chemicals.

  5. Pure material and non-toxic.

  6. Good electrical insulation.

  7. The transparency of polypropylene products is better than polyethylene products.


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