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Why Hollow Plate Is An Environment-friendly Material Instead Of Cardboard, Plank And Corrugated Board?
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The hollow plate is so famous because it has vertical root to support and connect, and the hollow between the vertical root and the vertical root is hollow. The height of the vertical root determines the thickness of the plate. Generally, the thickness of the hollow plate is 2mm-12mm after forming.


PP plastic hollow plate is a kind of new plastic material, which is extruded by high temperature. By adding the color master, all kinds of gorgeous colors can be provided.


  • Compared with the cardboard

The cardboard is afraid of water, tide, perishable and rotten. However, most of the glass bottles are liquid. In the process of transportation, the shock resistance of the cardboard is poor so that the glass bottle is easily broken. Although its price is cheap, it can not guarantee safety of products.

The hollow sheet can solve the defects of the paperboard. The hollow plate glass bottle holder can also be used repeatedly; it also has a long service life. After being damaged, it can be recycled by factory; not only playing a role in environmental protection, but also reducing the cost.


  • Compared with the plank

The plank has poor toughness and high price. 

In the process of packing, the edges and corners are easily broken, but PP hollow sheet can make the size, thickness, toughness and hardness different according to the requirements of customers. There are fewer than dozens of domestic Edge machines.


  • Compared with the corrugated board

Hollow plate is a new kind of environmental protection packaging material. It will not produce dust in the process of use, and it has long service life. It is more than 4-10 times the life of corrugated board. It can be recycled and gradually replace the paper corrugated board. It is mainly embodied in the packaging of the products. In addition, because of the light, good toughness, flexible size and low relative cost of PP hollow plate, the PP hollow plate turnover box with various parts has the momentum of replacing the injection molding box.


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