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The History Of The Development Of Decorative Paper
- Apr 13, 2018 -

In the late 90s of last century, the furniture produced in the society was still mainly solid wood furniture. With the development of the times, the decorative paper veneer furniture has become the favorite of the market with its novelty and beauty to overcome the heavy, slit, high cost and monotonous color of the solid wood furniture. A lot of enterprises in Ling'an, Guangzhou rich and Tianjin Zhong Yuan quickly grasp the market, and soon become the professional decoration paper company with high quality and high quality products leading the trend of the national decoration paper market.

The history of decorative paper in our domestic wood-based panels. Our decorative paper has been used in our country for more than 30 years. At the end of 60s, our country was using decorative paper as FireBoard. These fireboards were made by a number of state-run large factories. Until the end of the 70s, we began to study the paper directly to the face, because it required high pressure, to 60, 70 kilograms of pressure, the general board including particleboard, such as particleboard, they can not bear such pressure, so the high pressure can only be made of FireBoard, and then make glue to make it. The process is very complex. First, we need to heat up before cooling. At that time, the main veneers were used for veneers of medium density fiberboards and particleboards.

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