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PP Hollow Board Industry Development
- May 21, 2018 -

PP hollow board is widely used in advertising backgrounds, stationery materials, industrial packaging, product shockproof, etc. because of its wide application and easy use. It is the most common turnover box, detachable combination box and finished product packaging. Boxes and box partitions. Hollow plates are generally made of environmentally friendly non-polluting recyclable thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (HDPE) resins and various accessories. In addition, there is a polycarbonate (PC) hollow plate, also known as the sun plate, glass capp Long board and PC hollow board are made of high-performance engineering plastic PC resin, which is characterized by high transparency, light weight, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, flame retardancy, anti-aging, etc. It is a high-tech, comprehensive Excellent performance, energy-saving and environment-friendly plastic sheet, is currently widely used in the world of plastic building materials.


Wuxi Box Packing Material Co., Ltd. provides recommended hollow board main uses are:

1. Kunshan Hongqiang plastic technology hollow board, mainly replaces corrugated cardboard, wood, metal plates and other ideal environmental protection materials;

2. Turnover boxes, spare parts turnover boxes, food turnover boxes, beverage turnover boxes, pesticide packaging boxes, precision instrument inner packagings, electronic components packaging pads, partitions and transport storage turnover boxes;

3. Industrial board, various items of goods packaging protection, pad, racks, partitions, floor, cross-board, etc.;

4. Electronic industry packaging. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic components, the purpose is to avoid contact with other charged objects, resulting in spark damage due to charge friction parts. There are also conductive, anti-static plastic plates, turnover boxes, etc.;

5. Advertising decoration: display cards, product identification cards, billboards, light boxes, window molding, etc.;

6. Home use: Temporary partition of the house, wall guards, ceiling boards, container covers, etc.

7. Others, used for washing machines, cars, water heaters, baby carriages and other backplanes, packaging, storage and transportation pads.


Wuxi Box Packing Material PP hollow board is a green environmental protection material, a wide range of foreign applications, has just begun in the country, and gradually replace some of the corrugated paper packaging materials, and now some domestic companies are also being developed for building decoration materials.

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