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Classification Of Packaging Materials
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Product packaging is an important part of products, it not only plays a protective role in transportation process, but also directly relates to the comprehensive quality of products. The following are the commonly used packaging materials:

Paper packaging materials: packaging paper, honeycomb paper, paper bags, desiccant, packaging paper, honeycomb paperboard, kraft paper, honeycomb paperboard, industrial paperboard.

Plastic packaging materials: sealing film, shrink film, plastic film, winding film, heat shrinkable membrane, hollow plate, POF shrink film CPP EPP.

Composite soft packaging materials: soft package, aluminized film, aluminum foil composite membrane, vacuum aluminized paper, composite film, composite paper BOPP.

Metal packaging materials: tin foil hoop steel strapping buckle Blister aluminum PTP aluminum foil steel buckle

ceramic material

Glass material


Other packaging materials / excipients:

Gold stamping material: gold stamping material, laser film, electrified aluminium foil, hot stamping film, hot stamping foil, hot stamping foil and foil.

Adhesives and coatings: adhesives, adhesives, composite adhesives, enhancers, starch adhesives, sealant, latex and resin, dry glue.

Packaging auxiliary materials: bottle cap glove machine, mould gasket, handle, gasket, spray nozzle, sealing cover, packaging film.

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