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Application Of PP Hollow Plate
- Apr 12, 2018 -

1, packaging turnover of industrial products: electronic components packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box compartment plate knife card, anti static hollow plate turnover box, conductive hollow plate turnover box.

2, bags, handbags, pallets: luggage, liners, bags, pads, partitions.

3, container industry: glass bottle factory plate, bottle holder, canned product separator, tank support plate.

4, machinery industry: machine cushion pad.

5, advertising industry: PP hollow panel display box, display rack, advertising board, corona plate.

6, home decoration: ceiling, grille, toilet partitions.

7, furniture industry: coffee table pad, furniture decoration board.

8, agriculture: all kinds of fruit boxes, vegetable packaging boxes, pesticide packaging boxes, food packaging boxes, beverage packaging boxes, greenhouse roof.

9, stylistic products: intelligent blackboard, file bag.

10, automobile industry: steering wheel backing plate, car tail clapboard, backing plate.

11, the electrical industry: fridge, washing machine backplane, partitions.

12, baby products: Children's car pads, children intelligent hurdle.

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