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Application Of Polypropylene
- Apr 13, 2018 -

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements and improvement of different changes in culture, entertainment, food, medical care, materials and room decoration are inevitably brought. More and more transparent materials are used in many markets in the market. Therefore, the development of transparent PP special material is a very good development trend, especially the need for high transparency, good fluidity, fast forming PP special material, in order to design and process the adult's favorite PP products. Transparent PP is more distinctive than ordinary PP, PVC, PET and PS, and has many advantages and development prospects.

In recent years, foreign transparent PP market has grown rapidly, for example, South Korea has put transparent PP as a PET substitute to market; some companies in Germany replace PVC with transparent PP; the growth rate of transparent PP products in the United States is higher than that of ordinary PP products 7%~9%; in recent years, the amount of PP forming transparent agent in Japan is about 2000t, Japan is calculated to add 0.25%, Japan The annual output of transparent PP can reach more than 800 thousand T. According to the Japanese physicochemical company, the consumption of transparent PP special materials for microwave cooking utensils and furniture in two aspects is the largest. It is estimated that the demand for transparent PP special materials in foreign market is about 5 million ~550 t in 2005. At present, there is a large gap between domestic transparent PP special materials and foreign countries. The production and application of transparent PP resin and its products still need to be strengthened.

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