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Anti-static Hollow Sheet Turnover Box Tips
- Oct 19, 2018 -

With the development of economy, reasonable design and excellent quality are the important parts for customers.

But, how to choose the turnover box is also a question. The following will share some tips when you choose the anti-static hollow sheet turnover box:


1. Good bearing capacity, which will not cause deformation for a long time after placing the goods, so as to prevent product damage by impact.


2. The circulating box of anti-static hollow sheet will not be brittle due to the extremely low ambient temperature, which will cause damage.


3. The container shall not be deformed due to external factors and shall not be deformed due to the uneven plastic tray.


4. Health problems: a large part of the anti-static hollow plate turnover box is used in the food processing industry, which needs to be guaranteed by the turnover box.


Because the country has strict requirements on the food industry at present, the products of some big manufacturers should be selected, and factors such as quality and hygiene can be well solved.

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