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Trivision Billboard Advertising Outdoor Display Advertisement
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Features of tri-vision billboard:
1. Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion, Shock resistance, heat resisting
2. Water-proof & dust-proof, weather-proof, heat resisting, wind resistance of 10 class/level
3. Easy pictures changing
4. One-year guarantee
1. The main material is a kind of Specially made ECO-friendly aluminum alloy
2. The plastic parts are made of American "Dupont" Industrial Nylon(self-lubrication).
3.The double gear stepping wheel(gear) can be knocked off / detachable and adjusted easily.


Primary Material 

Eco-friendly, Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion, Shock resistance, Heat resisting

Triangular Prism

Thickness: 1.0-2.0mm Width: 2200mm max.


The height is suggested within 8m, no length limit.

Flipping Performance

Opening, closing, wave type, from left to right, from right to left, flipping from part to part

Wind Resistance

No less than 10 class with automatic wind resistance function

Life Span

Proper installation will ensure normal service life up to 10 years based on 16 running hours each day.

Net Weight

as your requirements


Carton box/woven bag


1. Media networks
2. Bridges and gantries
3. Monumental signs
4. Stadiums
5. Road signs

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